This is in response to last week’s Letter to the Editor submitted by Joe Pilchak regarding illegal immigration under the headline ‘Reading the numbers.’

The numbers quoted by Mr. Pilchak regarding illegal immigrants and their cost to the economy appear accurate. As a former Arizona resident, we attest firsthand to much of the crime and cost, including the murder of a Phoenix police officer, the murder and burning alive of a retail clerk, the influx of drugs and guns, the increased sex crimes, the increase in identity fraud from theft of Social Security numbers, welfare fraud, increase in drivers without auto insurance, “coyotes” who held illegals hostage in homes shaking down their relatives for more money and so on.

The Arizona Republic once ran a series of news articles which verified many of these statistics and more.

Here in Michigan, we have an Attorney General operating without any firsthand knowledge of the damage done by illegal aliens and yet has the audacity to waste Michigan tax funds by joining with other Democratic-run states in a lawsuit against our president and his efforts to enhance border security. Apparently, she does not answer to any taxpayer. 

—Bruce David