They’re back! And they’re coming to a phone near you! 

I received a call this morning informing me that I had four charges against me by the IRS, and if I did not call a number immediately local police would arrest me for tax evasion. Very scary! Simply a fraudulent call. Again if the IRS has a complaint with anyone it’s never a surprise. All communication from the IRS comes from letters. If they have a problem with you, you will know by mail. 

Phone companies can’t police these fraud calls, but it’s sad that once in awhile vulnerable persons of all ages fall victim to these scams.

Another scam is from Microsoft agents telling us our Windows systems will fail in 48 hours if we don’t call their number immediately. Again a fraud!

Once again not to beat a dead horse; if you get one of these calls HANG UP!


—David Naeyaert