This past week, Imlay City experienced the worst tragedy that can hit a small community—a fatal fire involving children.

As this horrific tragedy unfolded, I witnessed the heroic rescue efforts of our Firefighters and First Responders.

Driven back by unbearable, intense heat and heavy black smoke, these firefighters forced their way into the mobile home already heavily involved in fire through a window to rescue the trapped victims. They then handled the infant, children and their father out to waiting fire/medical personnel for immediate medical attention.

These heroes are members of our community—our neighbors, our friends, our family. They left their homes and families to help a family in need, and in the process, put themselves in serious danger to save others.

As the Fire Chief in Imlay City, I could not be more proud of this department and the professional rescue effort they made.

As a whole department, we are a team, a family, and we stand together. We will watch over and help each other. We will continue monitoring our people. Together, we will be O.K.

Embrace your First Responder (fire, EMS, and Police). They deserve it, and right now, need it. 

—Richard Horton, Fire Chief