Dana Walker has been a familiar name and face around the Imlay City area for quite some time.

As Chamber Director, there was no doubt that Dana was enthusiastic about the opportunity to promote member businesses, and toot the horn for all things Imlay City.

When she was chosen to head up the Downtown Development Authority, that enthusiasm seemed to go into overdrive, as Dana used her considerable communication skills and creativity to foster growth and economic development in the downtown district, as well as encourage all residents to embrace the idea of ‘community.’ The idea that what happens to one, happens to all, and that our youth are just as important as our elders. Named a ‘Friend of Youth’ by the Imlay City School district, Walker often partnered with the schools’ for community-related events—a partnership that worked because kids have parents and grandparents and uncles and aunts, etc., all eager to participate in downtown activities.

It is no surprise that Walker has been chosen to lead the Michigan Downtown Association. A champion of Imlay City, Walker will now become a cheerleader for downtowns across the state. Downtowns keep ‘community’ alive, and make life better for residents by offering opportunities to shop, work and play right in their own backyards.

Walker’s last day on the job here is Thursday, February 28. We know many of your join us in extending a heartfelt thank you and farewell to Walker as she embarks on her new endeavor, and kudos for a job well done in Imlay City.