Radio talk show host Michael Savage states “borders, language, and culture” made this nation. Does Rick Liblong stand for any of these? He seems to state that for anybody coming to, U.S. citizenship should be granted. A survey of Latin American countries indicated that over 40 million people said they would come here. Could we absorb that influx of people? Should we allow anybody in this country? Did we allow anybody to come in the past?

Maybe at one time when our country was a wild frontier borders weren’t a concern. When my grandparents came here in the 1880s they had to have a sponsor who would assure that they would have a job and not be a burden on society. Ships bringing in foreign travelers had 3rd and 4th class passengers locked in the lower levels of the ship designated such so that when the ship docked, these largely low class passengers could not flood entry points. Right now attempted flooding of people is happening at the southern border. Again do we allow anybody to violate the law? Can we maintain a culture without a common language? Is diversity so great that we as a nation should look to the “diversity” of the pre- WWI Balkan states? Does anyone know that without a border one has no nation? India for example has 21 languages but English is used as a national language. Without a common language one has anarchy. And seemingly the new arrivals want to maintain their own culture, and not assimilate. 

We are a nation of laws and unless people follow laws, they don’t belong here. Seems some politicians and some US citizens favor illegal immigration. Really sad. Hopefully we will come to our senses and stop illegal immigration 

—David Naeyaert