“We all want border security” is the statement made ad nauseum by the Democrats. But, when you get down to the details of that claim you find they don’t want border security at all. They want open borders. 

Is a 5.6 billion dollar wall/fence/structure/physical impediment going to prevent all illegal entry into the United States? Common sense would tell you the answer is ‘No.’ Will it impede many and stop many more? The answer is ‘Yes,’ if the experience where a wall does exist is any guide as to what will happen with new barriers to entry. Is the $5.6 billion a waste of money? I think not but let’s assume it is. So what? $5.6 billion is a rounding error in the scope of the total budget of our national government and we waste far more than that amount in gifts of money to nations who deserve to get nothing. Palestine quickly comes to mind. 

If the Democrats were perceptive they’d tell Trump they will not oppose the 5.6 billion even though it is against their better judgment and then when it fails, as they are so certain it will, they can hang the failure around his neck. Why don’t they do that one might ask? One answer might be because they are confident the barrier will work. It certainly isn’t because they’ve suddenly had the scales lifted from their eyes and they’ve become fiscal conservatives.

The word coming from the joint committee trying to reach a deal is that the Democrats now want, as a part of the deal, the number of detention bed spaces available for holding individuals caught within the U.S. be capped at 16,500. If ICE happens to catch more than 16,500 individuals they can’t hold them. Like walleye fishing at certain times of the year it is catch and release…never to be seen again as they disappear into the hinterlands of the country.

I’m just a simple man and it seems to this simple mind we should do whatever it takes to prevent non-citizens from entering the country. This would include border patrol agents along the border, physical barriers where appropriate, electronic surveillance, military personnel on the border, dramatically enhance inspections at all places of entry, increase the number of immigration judges and courts and deport all those VISA overstays forthwith. It seems to me that would be a good starting point.

Once the border is secured we can deal with the DREAMERS, those individuals here illegally but who have been here for extended years with no adverse consequences such as criminal convictions, anchor babies and chain migration.

From all that I’ve heard and seen, and despite Democrats saying they want border security, it is just the opposite. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez states the United States is Latino land and all Latinos should be able to enter and stay as they wish. That seems to be the position of the bulk of the Democratic Party. 

—John L. Lengemann