What were they thinking? The Democratic Party made Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, (the wicked witch of the west) the speaker of the House of Representatives. Nancy’s adversarial relationship with the Republican Party has been frequently demonstrated during years past. It appears the size of her ego far surpasses the level of her intellect. She is not known as a great negotiator or a good negotiator or even a mediocre negotiator. The Dems must believe Nancy can work with Donald Trump and move the government forward (whatever gave them that idea?) 

Now Donald Trump (the mouth from Manhattan) also has an oversized ego. Negotiations between two egotists are seldom fruitful. Meaningful results if any are slow in coming, resulting in the longest government shutdown in history. The gridlock over the border fence and the government shut down has cost our economy far in excess of the 5.7 billion dollars Trump has asked for to build a barrier. 

Much to Donald Trump’s credit, in an effort to end the wall stalemate and the government shutdown, he made an offer to Nancy—a three-year moratorium on deportation of the Dreamers in exchange for the wall and he would open the government. Nancy’s ego without hesitation said “no” and threw 800,000 Dreamers under the bus. There is a fifty-fifty chance in three years we could have a new President (maybe a Mitt Romney type), possibly giving the Dreamers a much better option than deportation. You have to ask yourself, are the Dreamers as important to Nancy as she portrays, or are they just pawns in her game of one-upmanship? Nancy was ready to fly off to Afghanistan with her entourage letting the government shutdown continue. Demonstrating her lack of concern for thousands of loyal government employees. What was she thinking? 

The state of California’s educational system is in dire straits. A teachers’ strike was just settled. The teachers hadn’t had a pay raise in years and are requesting a reduction in class size. A class size of 50-plus students is not uncommon (not much one- on-one time between teacher and student). The Governor said meeting all their demands would bankrupt the state in two years. Either California’s school tax levy is far too low to support their educational system or there are a lot of students whose parents aren’t paying school taxes or any other taxes for that matter. Do you think that is possible in a state with numerous sanctuary cities? Nancy think about the wall, the students, the Dreamers, the impact on our government’s workforce and the billions lost to the economy. To paraphrase our Governor build the damn wall. 

—Tom Janicki