Since my Navy days, I’ve decided to see obscene language as a sign of a puny mind trying to express itself. However Mr. John Lengemann (Letters to the Editor, TCT 01-09-19) is quick to disregard the verbal slop of the same nature he referred to in his letter by ‘Mr Fluff and Puff’ in the Oval Office. Why no strop and Fels Naptha for him? His position should have a higher expectation than a lowly Congresswoman. His personal behavior has evoked a litany of foul descriptions by Republicans and Democrats alike. 

Lets start with deplorable, despicable, disgusting, vile, vain, morally and literally bankrupt, accused pedophile, philanderer, draft dodger, (5 deferments during the Vietnam war), and tax cheat—he still hasn’t shown his filings to the public. What about Stormy Daniels? She is and was a mother. So what Congresswomen Tlaib says about Fluff and Puff is the truth! Republicans just can’t handle the truth. 

—Joe Tribula