Amid all the histrionics that has accompanied the discussions/arguments/rants regarding immigration and a border wall/barrier/fence from those opposing funding for same now that Trump is the president, there is missing an answer to the question as to how do we prevent illegal crossings of our border?

I have heard ad nauseam Democrats claim that they are “for border security.” I’ve yet to hear exactly what that is comprised of. I am curious to know specifically the proposals they offer that will stop illegal entry into the United States. Or, is their definition of border security to catch the persons once they enter illegally? If this is the case then effectively there is no border security because that is what we do now and the border is a sieve. 

I’ve heard all the arguments about a wall/barrier/fence being immoral, ineffective, too costly and not reflective of who we are as a nation (whatever that means) and the only argument that would convince me, if it were shown to be accurate, is that it was ineffective. So, who should we look to for assistance in making this determination? Would I accept the drivel that any politician spews? No. But, I would give great weight to those persons who must deal with illegal immigration on a daily basis. That would be the U.S. Border Patrol. I’ve seen many border patrol agents interviewed and to a man they all state a wall is effective. I have to believe they wouldn’t say this if they didn’t believe it based on their experiences. Recently the former head of U.S. Border Patrol during the Obama administration (likely not a Trump supporter) stated we do have a crisis at our southern border and despite politicians claims to the contrary walls are effective.

Democrats, now leading the charge against Trump, have voted for walls in the past; have stated the danger to our country from uncontrolled illegal immigrants, the negative impact upon low income workers in our country from illegal immigration and the unjustified cost to the country for the services provided to illegal immigrants. Yet now none of those negatives seem applicable and uncontrolled immigration is now the best thing since sliced bread. Hypocrisy reigns.

Sadly it seems that the ruling class of both parties endorse the current system and despite all the hoopla my guess is that little will be done to change things. Perhaps cosmetic change but real change is unlikely. Trump is swimming upstream in trying to effectuate real change. It is doubtful that the elite of Washington D.C. will relinquish any portion of their power or wealth. Large corporations will continue to get the cheap labor they love. The wealthy donor class will have the house servants, gardeners, cooks etc. they love, and politicians can see huge blocks of votes from illegals granted amnesty. The middle class and lower class of U.S. citizens will suffer the consequences. But who really cares about 

“the folks;” those unwashed and illiterate masses in fly-over country who cling to their Bibles and their guns?

But, just for the sake of continuing the discussion, I’d like to know the specific proposals that make up “border security” that the Democrats so vociferously claim they support that will prevent illegal immigration. 

—John L. Lengemann