On Sunday we visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Farmington Hills. There displayed the handiwork of Nazi Germany, the holocaust the killing of the Jewish people. The modern term is “ethnic cleansing” or “ridding” a minority people not fitting guidelines that a majority dictates. And while we think of the 6 million Jews killed in cruelty, not imaginable is more than five-and-a-half-million non-Jews were also murdered in like fashion. After all the court trials and unveiling to the world the monstrous acts of the Nazis a new statement— “Never Again” —came to be. 

One might have thought a holocaust or genocide as we now call it would never happen again. 

“Never Say Never” was only a movie title. But ethnic cleansing became reality in Cambodia, Africa, and in many areas of the world yet today. Sadly it’s happening here in these United States today. It came to be on January 22, 1973 when men in black robes the United States Supreme Court said that unborn babies were not “people” but “fetuses”—masses of tissue to be disposed to the whim of the mother. The holocaust or genocide of our own people began and continues today with the toll of 59-plus million and counting. When the effects of this “genocide” are displayed people are shocked, run, and complain not because it happens but because “little children might see it.” Our sensibilities are like that of the German people during WWII who tolerated genocide because it was “just a bunch of Jews.” They were not fully human either as the Nazis propaganda stated. Well according to many modern politicians unborn babies aren’t human, right? We just elected Gretchen Whitmer and her cabal of abortion-supporting cohorts to office in Lansing. Are we any better than the German people who followed the Nazi propaganda about Jews? Oh no you say, we have freedom of choice. Women can kill their babies just like the Nazi thugs but it’s socially correct you say. I say the blood of the aborted is on the hands of all who voted for pro-abortion candidates. Anyone counter this thought?

And God forgive us all. 

—David Naeyaert