Revelation 21:12 “It had a great, high wall, with twelve gates, and…etc, etc, etc.”

The Bible makes numerous references to “The Gates of Heaven.” Have you ever looked closely at a gate? What is it attached to: a wall, a fence, a blockade? Even heaven has a protective enclosure around it, no matter what you call it. Most of us believe, after we die, we will go to heaven and be protected from evil by God. He will meet us at the Pearly Gates, attached to a wall.

Why are the Democrats so against protecting our borders? As I drive along any street in this country, I see fences; steel and concrete. They are around businesses and homes, protecting their property. How many of us have fenced yards? Why? The answer is to protect what we have. I would bet that most of our leading Democrats live in gated communities.

We are not selfish people, if needy people come to us asking for help, we give it. But if a caravan of people come at us, throwing rocks, and breaking down our fences, we fight back. What would you do if a group of people tried to break down the door to your house and come in? And then expect you to feed and provide for them? Would you do it? That is what we are now experiencing, on a larger scale.

After Columbus first came to this country, people from all over the world followed. Unless your family tree is 100% American Indian, you are part immigrant. When the settlers first arrived to this vast open country there were no boundaries, no borders, they established their own territory. However as this country grew and became more populated, the need for organization developed. Borders were formed, and laws were made. 

Human migration worked, we were able to use the knowledge of the world’s immigrants to create what we have today. There is no reason to stop this process. But, let’s do it the right way. The way we once did; through our border gates. Gates attached to walls. Do not come, throwing rocks, screaming obscenities in your foreign language, and waving flags of your country. You ask for asylum, because your country abused you, then why do you so proudly wave their flag? Come here through our gate, speaking our language, and carry our flag. 

—Wally Maslowsky