I attended the Almont Village Council meeting last week, more out of curiosity than anything else. A few hours before the meeting I received a call asking if I had anything to do with one of the agenda items. Specifically, what is now known as the agenda item “DDA Ordinance No. 204.” Ordinance No. 204 piqued my interest as no one seemed to know who brought it to the table. Nothing attracts an audience more than a mystery, and this mystery agenda item attracted a multitude of people. If the intent was to attract a crowd, it worked, and the normally empty room was filled.

I started a number of letters to the editor about this bizarre meeting, but felt the need to scrap each letter. There were just too many white elephants in the room, too many questions left unanswered. Why was such an important ordinance brought before the council in such a manner? Why was the person who says he brought this ordinance so silent at the meeting? Why were some council members so vocal about this ordinance while others seemed taken by surprise? Why wasn’t the DDA board aware of the existence of this pending ordinance? The questions go on and on.

I was bothered by the complete lack of respect shown by the person or persons involved in this travesty. Lack of respect for fellow council members, lack of respect for a DDA board who is comprised of volunteers, lack of respect for village employees, and lack of respect for the citizens of this community. I am calling anyone involved in this travesty to come forward and explain their actions.


—Wez Ligon