I would like to alert the residents of Almont to the recent actions of the Almont Village Council. I wish more people would attend these meetings and really pay attention to what goes on in this town. This last meeting was crazy to say the least.

It appears that some of our council members have their own agenda and mission, and I’m not really sure it’s for the better of our community. 

It was obvious that three members, Patti Biochini, Melinda Steffler and Tim Dyke were totally blindsided by the other four. The topic was an ordinance to dissolve the Almont DDA…totally! 

I don’t get it. The community loves the parades, the small festivities and the improvements that have been done in the past. Our downtown slowly is coming to life. 

What doesn’t make sense is that very recently the DDA director was given a raise by the board. To me, that would indicate that they were very pleased with her work. Then the council just recently approved the new DDA budget.

It just doesn’t make sense. So why is it so urgent to dissolve the Almont DDA? 

—Paula Alfonsi