“I want my wall!!!!” 

This is the demand of the person currently living in the big White House that you and I pay for. He gets his pay but we don’t. 

As of this writing, we are into day six of the government shut down. Please tell Trump and your Member of Congress to end this madness. 

I know there are some who love to see the government shut down. Who needs those government workers anyway? 

We all do. Want clean water? Clean air? Safe food? Roads and infrastructure? The military? National parks? Safe skies? Safe borders? Farm subsidies? Safe workplace? Law enforcement?

Let’s shut everything down so nobody gets paid. How does that sound? How about you give up your income for as long as this shutdown lasts? Depends on whose ox is being gored, doesn’t it?

Remember, not only government workers, most of whom are very honest hard working people doing the nation’s business, are affected but thousands of contractors, retailers, support staff, banks, etc. are affected, too. That’s hundreds of thousands of people! This includes contractors I know who engage in top secret stuff for Homeland Security to keep our country safe!

Nobody, Republican or Democrat, is arguing that we don’t need border security. The Congress has authorized billions of dollars for it.

The argument is whether a 15th Century solution to a 21st Century problem is the answer. Just because Trump promised it doesn’t mean it’s the only solution. Remember, drones can fly over it, tunnels can go under it and explosives can go through it. 

If he really can get Mexico to pay for it like he promised, not we taxpayers, then I say he can build whatever he wants. If he can persuade the ranchers on whose land it will sit to agree. 

—Rick Liblong